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Preventive Dentistry

Child and Adult Cleanings

Regular hygiene visits aid in the prevention of cavities and gum disease through the removal of plaque and tartar via scaling and polishing your teeth. Our hygienist will also educate the patient on proper home care and techniques. Necessary x-rays are taken periodically to ensure a complete diagnosis. Hygiene visits are recommended every 6 months unless directed otherwise by the dentist or hygienist.


Fluoride Varnish

Applied after a dental cleaning to decrease sensitivity, strengthen teeth, and aid in the prevention of cavities. We recommend fluoride for all patients, especially children and adults with a high rate of cavities. The fluoride varnish that we use is easily “painted” on the teeth. It is recommended that you allow the fluoride to remain on your teeth for 4-6 hours with no brushing or flossing, eating only soft foods and avoiding hot beverages.


Night/Mouth Guards

Night guards are fitted specifically for your teeth and will aid in protecting your teeth from nightly clenching and grinding. They can also aid in helping the jaw relax and reduce snoring. Custom mouth guards can be made for children playing contact sports to help protect the teeth, lips, and gums from trauma.


Oral Cancer Screening

We utilize OralID® to conduct a yearly oral cancer screening. OralID utilizes fluorescence technology to identify any abnormal areas of tissue in the mouth before they are detectable to the naked eye. Following detection there is testing to identify if the area is pre-cancerous, cancerous, or benign.



A thin protective layer of resin is placed in the grooves of permanent molars to aid in the prevention of cavities. Recommended for all children and adolescents.

Restorative Dentistry

Crowns (Caps)

Crowns are dental restorations that protect damage, cracked, or broken teeth. Crowns are also recommended after a tooth has had a root canal to protect against fracture. Dental Crowns, often referred to as “caps”, sit over the entire part of the tooth that lies about the gum line. Crowns still require normal brushing and flossing to prevent cavities where tooth and crown meet. Crowns will be completed in two visits (preparation and delivery) with a temporary crown in place between the two appointments.



Bridges are one solution when a tooth or teeth are missing. Bridges use the teeth on either side of the empty space as anchors. The anchor teeth are prepared in the same manner as a crown and then connected crowns are cemented permanently and help restore function in the area and prevent the tooth above or below from continuing to erupt and expose root surfaces. Bridges will be completed in two visits (preparation and delivery) with a temporary crown in place between the two appointments.


Composite Restorations (Bonding)

Composite is a tooth-colored resin filling material. It is used to esthetically repair decayed, chipped, fractured, or discolored teeth. Unlike veneers, composite fillings/bonding is done in the office and does not require multiple visits.


Removable Partial Dentures (RPD)

RPD’s are used to replace one or more missing teeth when a bridge or implants cannot be utilized. Partials can be made out of flexible acrylic or cast metal for more rigidity and longevity. Partials must be taken out every night for sleep and require cleaning and maintenance outside of the mouth. RPD’s will require multiple office visits to fabricate.


Complete Dentures

Dentures are used to replace an entire arch if all permanent teeth are lost or not able to be restored. They help improve chewing ability, speech, and esthetic appearance. Like RPD’s, dentures are taken out at night, require cleaning and maintenance outside the mouth, and require multiple office visits to fabricate.


Implant Crowns

Implants are an excellent way to replace a single or multiple missing teeth. With implants the initial step is the placement of a dental implant in the jawbone by a periodontist or oral surgeon. Following a period of healing, impressions are made so that an implant crown can be fabricated. Dental implants look and function very closely to a natural tooth and with proper care can last a lifetime.


Root Canals

Root canals are required when the pulp, or nerve, that is located in the middle of the tooth becomes infected or inflamed. Deep decay, fractures, and/or previous trauma are some of the possible reasons for the pulp to become injured. The root canal process involves removal of the pulp tissue and then sealing off the canal to eliminate the bacterial infection and relieve any associated pain. After the majority of root canal procedures a crown, or cap, is recommended to prevent against possible fracture in the future. Some root canals may be completed here, however with complex cases a specialist may be utilized.



An extraction involves the removal of a non-restorable tooth. Other reasons for extraction may include primary (baby) teeth that are not becoming loose, wisdom teeth, and to make room for orthodontic treatment. Extractions performed here will be completed under local anesthesia. For more difficult cases or impacted wisdom teeth a specialist may be utilized where I.V. sedation is available.


Emergency Care

If you as a patient find yourself with a tooth or gum issue please do not hesitate to call for a limited evaluation. Reasons to contact us could include swelling, prolonged discomfort/pain, loose teeth, fractured teeth, or any other concern that you have.

Cosmetic Dentistry


Veneers are strong, thin restorations made of ceramic or resin material that are bonded to the front side of the teeth. Veneers may be utilized to repair chipped, stained, or worn teeth. They can also be used to help in correcting gaps, straightening, and whitening your smile. Veneers will be completed in two visits (preparation and delivery) with a temporary crown in place between the two appointments.


At Home Whitening

We offer a take home whitening program. Custom trays are made from molds of your teeth and are used to deliver the whitening gel. Whitening, or bleaching, helps reverse staining caused by coffee, tea, red wine, soda, and/or smoking.

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